Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Myung wol the Spy Episode 9 Korean Drama English

EPISODE 9 - Myung-wol the Spy:

Kang-woo shows Myung-wol the incriminating video, and tells her it’s time to take off her mask. He asks angrily if she approached him with this objective from the get-go, wanting to trade up on her fortune by seducing him.

He informs her that it’s too bad, since he doesn’t marry just anyone, adding that even hotel heiress In-ah can’t manage to lock him down. “But a thing like you dares to dream of marrying me? You must not know me very well yet. Marriage is something that requires a match of levels. It might be a different story if you were a star like me. Stop dreaming.”

you can watch Myung-wol the Spy ep 9 online at the youtube and the dailymotion in video.